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Cycles and what you should know about them.

There always should be a pre-planned length of time that you will use the products, short (8 weeks) or long (20 weeks), and a set of goals that should be achieved. In this article, we will teach you how to plan a cycle, calculate how much products you need and dosage, etc.


Injectable Steroids vs. Oral Steroids

Every time for a new steroid user constantly comes a question, what type of steroid to use for the first cycle, oral or injectable. To obtain better results from your cycle, we suggest using them both. The most of the experienced bodybuilders are using them both in a cycle. Below you will see why. We will write the pros and cons of both types of steroids.


How to buy steroids online safe and anonymously?

A lot of users do not know how to protect their identity when buying steroids online. We have created a simple guide how to protect your identity and how to anonymously surf the world wide web.


SP Primobol

99.00 USD 90.00 USD
Manufacturer: SP Laboratories Unit: 1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)
Active substance: Methenolone Enanthate MASS (1-10): 3
CUTTING (1-10): 7 STRENGTH (1-10): 5


   Primobol can be found in injectable and oral form. This anabolic steroid has a great action. It increases muscle mass and strength. One of the differences from other steroids is that SP Primobol offers quality muscle mass and keeps it for a good period of time after the cycle is over. To see an effect, this steroid should be used over a period of time because it is composed of a long-acting ester.

   Bodybuilders use this steroid for defining periods only because Primobol burns fat and provides quality muscle mass with a minimal caloric effort. It is a steroid that is not flavored, does not cause acne and hold water in the body.

   Primobol oral version is more efficient and does not enter directly into the blood passes through the liver. In normal doses Primobol does not affect own testosterone in the blood, which can not be said in the case when used in large doses when a cure of Clomed or Tamoxifen is indicated at the end of the cycle. Side effects that may occur are acne, oily skin, balding. It is shown that during the cycle with Primobol is indicated to use testosterone, as it decreases libido and erections when workouts are heavy and for long periods. It is recommended a dose of 200-800 mg per week, the real minimum dose is about 400 mg per week. Because it is a steroid that can be combined with other steroids such as Trenbolone or Halotest for definition, and in case you wish to increase muscle mass can be combined with Anapolon or Danabol.

   The steroid should be used for a period of 12 weeks or more.

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