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Clomed blister

20 tabs (50mg/tab)
Clomed - Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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   In general medicine, clomiphene is prescribed to stimulate ovulation in women. In various tissues of the body, he interacts with estrogen receptors in the body. Clomed is presented as a form of estrogen, having a structure similar to that of tamoxifen.

   Being given to men Clomed acts as an anti-estrogen in case they are given steroids that bringing flavored light effects.

   Clomed is thinner than Provimed and Tamoxifen. Because it leads to stimulation of gonadotropins, it makes increase endogenous testosterone levels. This is exactly welcome at the end of a course of steroids when testosterone levels are low. Clomed combines well with Tamoxifen.

   If used in large doses visual disturbances may occur or stains. They disappear after few days. If these symptoms persist longer stop taking Clomed.

   Side effects are rare because it is well tolerated, but the redness may occur in some areas, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, headache.

   Clomed is administered in doses of 50-100 mg daily, the dose is taken within 30 days after completion of the cycle to normalize the own production of testosterone. Can be combined with other post cycle therapy drugs.


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