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5 x 1,5ml amp (76.5mg/1.5ml)
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Active substance: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

Names: Parabolin

   Parabolin is a strong organic compound of Trenbolone, as well is comparable to Trenbolone acetate. Parabolin has quite strong androgenic results. It provides fast muscle tissue, defined body as well as force, in a short period of time. Parabolin results are like those of Danabol, as well as the male growth hormone has the property never to convert to estrogen. This is very important since most anabolic steroid drugs that provide high muscles have a great capacity to flavor. Not flavored anabolic steroid drugs are unsuccessful in huge muscle tissue gains. This is not available for Parabolan. Gynecomastia will not be a problem if used alone and it is not necessary to use Clomed or Tamoxifen. Strong steroid hormones cause losing fat, so it is great for defining muscles.

Unwanted effects: acne, hair thinning, violence, oily skin.

   The optimum dose is 228 milligrams administered weekly.


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