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SP Turabolan

50 tabs (10 mg/tab)
Turabolan - SP Laboratory


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   Turabolan is an oral steroid, is presented as a derivative of methandrostenolone. Turabolan does not flavor and is easily removed from the body, which is beneficial for sports where doping tests exist.

   With this steroid, muscle mass gains are enormous and qualitative but not without water retention and fat in the body. Side effects are easier to handle, it reduces its own production of testosterone if used for long periods of time but is as tough as Danabol.

   This steroid increases libido in men and gives a tough muscle without water retention in the body. Administered daily dose ranging between 20 -100 mg. When taken in doses of 50 mg per day significantly increases smooth muscle mass and strength. This medicine does not cause estrogenic side effects, it can meet effects like acne, oily skin, aggressiveness only that these effects occur only at high doses. Upon completion of this course is recommended a post cycle therapy.


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