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Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

Trade name: Testosterona C, Test C, Testosterone C, Test Cyp

   Testosterone C is a medicine that causes extra bloating in the body. Androgen hormone enanthate and Cypionate tend to be compatible together, due to the fact that both are oil-based steroids and also have a lengthy duration of motion, maintain testosterone ranges within 2 weeks.

   Many products associated with androgen, causes large muscle gains, as well as water retention due to the gentle flavor. It is not recommended to use it in case your body is well defined because it increases estrogen levels in the blood and may cause gynecomastia.

   If you notice signs such as pain or swelling connections beneath hard erect nipples, then is necessary to use ancillary medications like Provimed or even Estrogen. This may decrease estrogen inside the bloodstream and prevent elevating the degree of estrogen in the bloodstream, it really is pointed that these additional drugs to be used at the beginning of the cycle.

   As any men hormone, is possible to occur side effects such as acne breakouts, slimy pores and epidermis, development of hair and also hair thinning when it is a genetic predisposition. This occurs due to the alteration of androgen hormone directly in dihydrotestosterone, this could be retrieved through Finasteride, which usually minimizes steroid effects, particularly baldness.

   Optimum administered dose is actually 200-800 mg per week. A higher dose will cause a greater water retention, that will make consequences to your training. Propionate stops body's own production of testosterone, so it is a good idea to utilize during the cycle Clomed or Tamoxifen. This will help to prevent the hormone disproportion, which could later cause muscle mass reduction. The majority are disappointed by this cycle because they have no idea how you can recover appropriately.

   It is important to keep muscle groups through fluid preservation. This can be avoided by starting to use weaker medicines, for instance, Nandrolone D. It's administered testosterone after the cycle C in amounts of 200-400 mg weekly, for a period of 1-2 weeks, as Tamoxifen management can be required at the end of the period to bring back androgen hormone amounts.


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