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Anastrozole made by Hilma Biocare is a potent anti-estrogen drug. Anastrozole inhibits the enzyme action that causes testosterone aromatization.


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Active substance: Anastrozole

Names: Arimidex, Anastrozol.

Anastrozole (Chemical Formulation is C₁₇H₁₉N₅) is a non-steroidal benzyl triazole drug medication used to treat breast cancer specifically, hormone receptor-positive and high-risk breast cancer. It was patented in the year 1987 by Imperial Chemical Industries consequently been approved for medical use only in the year 1995. The World Health Organization has included this drug in the List of Essential Medicines which is available as a generic medication. It is ranked 258th most commonly prescribed drug medication in the United States in 2017 garnering more than a million prescriptions made.

It is considered a non-steroidal inhibitor of estrogen synthesis; it is a third-generation aromatase inhibitor that selectively binds and reverses inhibition of aromatase, which is a cytochrome P-450 enzyme complex that can be found in tissues in the premenopausal ovary, liver, and breast. Most estrogen-dependent breast cancers, Anastrozole may aid in preventing the development of tumors and advanced cancers because it reversible binds aromatase enzyme and prevents the transformation of androgens to estrogens in tissues causing cancer. The decrease in the aromatase action results in a decrease of estradiol levels in post-menopausal women in at least 85%, making it an efficient prescribed treatment.

Anastrozole made by Hilma Biocare is a potent anti-estrogen drug. The active substance is used for fighting breast cancer. Is an inhibitor of flavoring. A practical laboratory demonstrated that a pill per day is enough for good effects. In steroid cycles, this substance is used from 0.25mg up to 1mg. Anastrozole inhibits the enzyme action that causes testosterone aromatization. When it says that testosterone turns into estrogen then testosterone is altered by this enzyme, leading to the production of estrogen in the body with harmful effects as gynecomastia, weight gain, water retention, oily skin. Many people do not want to have low estrogen levels because it helps build muscle mass, which is why they use drugs to limit these effects such as Tamoxifen or Clomed. Anastrozole is used by those who want the complete elimination of estrogen during a steroid cycle. For those who opt for more defined muscles and those who are sensitive to estrogen, Anastrozole is a perfect option. The optimal dose is 0.5-1 mg anastrozole 1 mg is the maximum that can be given.

Those who follow the Testosterone based steroid cycle with a dose of 500 mg per week, will receive anastrozole of 0.5 mg every 2 days.

Medical Uses of Anastrozole from Hilma Biocare

Anastrozol can be used to treat the following:

  • Treatment Of Breast Cancer – Compared to other drug medications for the treatment of cancer, Anastrozole has shown promising and better results as proven in clinical group trials done by researchers.
  • Treatment Of Peripheral Precocious Puberty – This term connotes an occurrence of puberty at an early stage.
  • Treatment Of McCune–Albright Syndrome – This is a syndrome commonly occurring in males where it is a genetic disorder that affects your skin, bones, and endocrinal system.
  • Can Be Used With Other Treatments – Anastrozole can be administered alongside other treatments for cancer, such as surgery or radiation.
  • Administered In Early Stages Of Menopause – It is given to prevent the development of high-risk breast cancer in the future.
  • Treatment Of Patients With Hepatic Impairment
  • Used In Androgen Replacement Therapy – Men with Hypogonadism were given Anastrozole to increase testosterone production.

Non-Medical Use of Anastrozole from Hilma Biocare

As for anabolic steroid users, the Anastrozol effects are very welcome since it has the ability to protect against estrogen-related side effects. Due to testosterone hormones that interact with the aromatase enzyme, in many cases, it promotes estrogenic side effects, that can lead to gynecomastia and excess water retention. At the same time if the water retention excesses it can lead to high blood pressure. Some steroids don't aromatize and at the same time don't lead to estrogenic related effects but such products as Dianabol, Nandrolone, Boldenone esters, and especially all testosterone esters can promote estrogenic side effects.

That is why is very important to add in steroid cycles that contain aromatizing steroids Anastrozole, which can protect against gyno and water retention. At the same time, it protects against high blood pressure. Yes, some steroids can cause high blood pressure even without water retention but in the case of very high excess water retention, it could increase drastically the high blood pressure that can lead to big issues. Anastrozole doesn't protect at 100% from the gynecomastia side effects, but it is one of the most used and effective AI products for combating estrogenic-related side effects. SERM's like Tamox can be used during the cycle as AI products but mostly it is used during the PCT program.

Anastrozole is not the best option to be used during the PCT program because of the effect of lowering estrogen effects which is why it is not recommended to be used when you have a low testosterone level. The main object of a PCT program is to stimulate natural testosterone production to protect the lean muscle tissues that have been received after the steroid cycle, recover the testicles, keep the body fat under control, and recover faster your body health from high dosages of testosterone.

How to use Anastrozole Hilma Biocare?

For medical use to treat breast cancer, 1mg per day of Anastrozole until cancer subsides. After that Tamox should be taken a period of time to prevent remission of cancer.

For anabolic steroid users, the most common are the dosage from 0.5 up to 1mg every other day (EOD), depending on the steroid dosages used during the cycle

What are the side effects of using Anastrozole Hilma Biocare?

When Anastrozole is taking not during a steroid cycle it can lead to some side effects such as weakness and fatigue. These side effects rarely occur when it is used during the steroid cycle.

Another possible side effect:

  • Headache
  • Hot Flashes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Joint Pain
  • Depression (rare)
  • Nausea and or Vomiting (rare)

Anastrozole has the ability to negatively affect cholesterol levels especially when it is used during a testosterone cycle. That is why a good diet with low and very limited saturated fats and simple sugars is welcomed during the cycle. Don't forget about the Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and cholesterol antioxidant supplement.

Precautions Before Taking Anastrozole

Tell your doctor and pharmacist your medical history and other medications are previously taken so they can guide you or prevent you from having an allergic reaction to the said drug. Always disclose other prescription and non-prescription drugs you have whether it is vitamins, supplements, or other herbal supplements that may have a contraindication.

It is always advisable to consult your physician first on which pharmaceutical drug is best for your need—whether you have a worst-case or otherwise because dosages and indications may vary to different patients.

Always remember that Anastrozole cannot be taken by women who are not diagnosed to be in a menopausal stage. Taking Anastrozole while pregnant should be checked and approved by a doctor.

Where to buy real Anastrozole Hilma Biocare?

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