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   Aesculapius is similar to Viagra, the only difference is that Aesculapius maintain erections for 36-48 hours. Aesculapius is used during post-cycle therapy, as out of a cycle causes a low libido and sexual disorders. Aesculapius can reduce these disorders. This medicine has been tested in men who suffer from severe to moderate erectile dysfunction. Were administered 20 mg of tadalafil and sexual dysfunction were significantly reduced, increasing libido with 73.5%.

   Because erectile dysfunction, men who have no sexual activity also have low testosterone levels. Aesculapius administered at the end of the therapy, these persons registered high levels of testosterone because they have done more sex. Aesculapius is secure in administration and is well tolerated. It is administered 3 times a week, is very effective and without side effects. However, side effects are stomach cramps, headache, stuffy nose.

   The minimum dose administered is 10 mg and the maximum dose is 20 mg.

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