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Methandienone 10 (Dianabol) Ice

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Active Substance: Methandienone/Methandrostenolone

Names: Danabol, Dianabol, Averbol, Naposim.

 Danabol is definitely an oral anabolic steroid ointment drug, it is a brand regarding Methandrostenolone. Danabol is probably the most widely used steroid drug. Organic process results of Danabol are instant and potent. You can easily administer four or five pills per day, which are enough to obtain an instantaneous result.

 For men, a 25-50 mg dose each day is recommended and it is also split into four to five amounts. Division time is 3-5 hrs. These doses tend to be optimum, however, many skilled bodybuilders have a dose of  80 mg each day. Optimum administration for women is 5-10 mg per day.

 Danabol provides large raises of muscle mass, and at the same time can have a big impact on the liver, moreover we recommend administrating  medicines for liver protection. Danabol is a medicine based on testosterone that has anabolic and also moderate-androgenic characteristics.

 It is strongly recommended to not use Danabol longer than 2 months, and the break between cycles should be minimum one month.


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