Steroid Cycle for Beginners

Steroid Cycles for Beginners   

   On the internet, you will find a massive amount of information about how to use anabolic steroids, how to start a steroids cycle and all these cycles are different. There are a lot of combinations how to use steroids in a cycle. Someone will say use these products after that the other products. This is very confusing and for many the performance enhancement will be very annoying.

   We do not say that anabolic steroids are fantastic products and just using them you will have an extraordinary performance. The basic principles of training  and a good nutrition are too very important. Anabolic steroids just help you to grow strength, muscle mass and to enhance your training.

   These are the steps to start the journey into the world of anabolic:

1.   Hormones – it's very important to know how hormones are working, what the benefits from them are, what the possible adverse effects may be and how to reduce the negative effects.

2.   Steroids quality if you've read information about hormones then we can go to the next step, how to ensure that the steroids are of a high quality. No one would want a counterfeit or a contaminated product, so you must examine well the package, vials must be sealed, the box need to have a barcode, the manufacturer to have an official website with information about the licence of production.

3.   Instruction – so the third step will be how to use the steroids. For the start read the instructions, what's the maximum dose admitted, duration of the productthe side effects and the pause between the usage of the preparation.

   This is a very simple cycle and for many performance enhancers such a cycle is all they need. So for this cycle we will use 3 items, 2 anabolic steroids (one oral and one injectable) and 1 SERM (Selective estrogen receptor modulators). The injectable and the SERM will the essential, the oral will be optional. It's an 8-week plan and a 3-week post cycle recovery, in total will be 13 weeks.





Tamoximed 20


500mg per week

40mg per day


500mg per week

40mg per day


500mg per week

40mg per day


500mg per week

40mg per day


500mg per week


500mg per week


500mg per week


500mg per week




40mg per day


40mg per day


40mg per day


   You've may notice that there is nothing in 9 and 10 week, there is no mistake. This is made to allow hormones to clear your system from testosterone before you begin Tamoximed therapy.

   You will notice that during this cycle you are gaining strength quicker and the muscle mass is larger, it's because of Danabol and in the last few weeks the progress is slowing down. That is a normal behavior of the body; you need to continue the cycle to allow the body to get used to the gaining mass.


1.   Testosterona-E: For this cycle you need to administrate 500mg per week. You can inject 500mg once per week or you can inject twice per week 250mg. The best is to inject 250mg twice a week.

2.   Danabol: As testosterone-e, you can administrate 40mg at once or you can divide 20mg in the morning and 20mg at night. The second one is better for optimal results. This product you will administrate 6 days in a week for 4 weeks.

3.   Tamoximed: When you use anabolic steroids the natural testosterone production is suppressed and after the cycle is over we need to stimulate our natural production of testosterone. That's why we added Tamoximed to the cycle. It's a very good for stimulating natural testosterone production.


   Using this cycle is possible some side-effects such as high blood pressure, water retention and high cholesterol. It's very important to keep your diet clean, to avoid overeating carbohydrates and limit excess of calories. We recommend consuming Omega-3, they are important for a normal metabolism, they are very good for inflammations, cardiovascular disease, mental health etc.

Price and quantity

1. Test E - 500mg/ml per week - 500mg/ml*8weeks = 4000mg/ml. The concentration of an amp is 250mg/ml, so you will need 16 amps or 2 vials of 10ml. SP Enanthate has vials of 10ml with a concentration of 250mg/ml. You will need 2 vials of SP Enanthate = 42$*2 = 84$.

2. Danabol - 40mg per week - 40mg*6days*4weeks = 720mg. The concentration of an tab is 10mg, so you will need 72 tabs. In one box are 60 tabs. You will need 2 boxes of Danabol 10 = 19$*2 = 38$.

3. Tamoxifen - 40mg per week - 40mg*7days*3weeks = 840mg. The concentration of an tab is 20mg, so you will need 72 tabs. In one box are 42 tabs. You will need 1 boxes of Tamoximed 20 = 49$.

4. Total = 84$ + 38$ + 49$ = 171$