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   Testosterone Enanthate is an injectable steroid in the form of an oily solution which slowly releases testosterone into the blood and has a long-term action in the blood, having a lifetime of about 2-3 weeks. Being powerful, this steroid hormone has many side effects because it tends to largely convert to estrogen. The formation of fat and water retention will be visible quickly, the reason that is not used when it desired definition of muscles or before competitions. There is also the risk of gynecomastia, which is reduced with Tamoxifen or Provimed during the cycle.

   It is said that adding anti-estrogen during the cycle you wish to build muscle mass will slow buildup of muscle mass. In this case, they are added only when needed.

   In the cycle with this steroid may occur unwanted androgenic side effects like oily skin, acne, hair loss, hair growth on the body. The usual dose that Bodybuilders use is 250 -750 mg per week. If these doses are racing side-effects will be more pronounced than the accumulation of muscle mass. For those that are interested in large accumulations of the muscle may add to cycle Anapolon or Danabol, in case you wish to define muscles then can be combined with Nandrolona D or AQUATEST.


Good product As always, will buy again.
Good product As always, will buy again.
Great product works well
I have ordered a couple times and have been happy both times
Cannot say enough good things about bodypharm products. Its about the only name brand gear I stick with. Ordered numerous times and will continue to do so.
Tried many differents types of gear in the past 10 years and Bodypharm has the best gear for the money. My friends and I have had huge gains of this test. My buddy put on 40 pounds on his first cycle and ran no more then 500mg of this test a week. Its Great Gear. The only Gear I swear by is Bodypharm.
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