How to inject steroids - Buy steroids online -

   The first thing that you should know about how to inject steroids is to know how to prepare for injection and how to inject. Here are some steps how to prepare for injection:

1. Needle - you need to choose the needle size. A 23-25g will be very good. The length - about 1" - 1.5" will be enough. Remember to use always a clean needle, never used before.


2. Drawing Air - It depends on if the steroids are in ampules or vials. For ampules, there is no need to draw air in the syringe. For vials if you draw air in the syringe, the same amount of air that will match the amount of oil you need, it will be easier to draw the oil in the syringe.

Draw air

3. Empty the Air - Place the needle into the vial and empty the air from the syringe.

Empty air

4. Draw the oil - Pull the syringe plunger until the desired amount you want to obtain.

Draw the oil

5. Remove Air from syringe - after you have drawn the oil in the syringe, there will be some air. To remove the air, point the syringe up and push the plunger forward, tap with you finger against the side of the syringe and push until the oil will shoot out of the needle.

Air from syringe

6. Disinfection - First of all you need to know in which muscle will you inject and the spot for injection. After you have determinated the spot disinfect it with alcohol, using a cotton ball.

7. Shoot the oil - after you have disinfected the area, plunge the needle into the desired location and pull the syringe back. If the blood fills into the syringe, you have hit a vein or blood vessel. Remove the needle and select a different location. If no blood enters the syringe than you can inject in the selected location. Push the plunger until the syringe will be empty.

8. Oil injected - after you have injected the oil, don't remove the needle yet. Wait about 20-30 seconds to ensure that all the oil has settled deep into the muscle.

9. Remove the needle - after you have removed the needle use an unused cotton ball directly on the injected area and hold it for about 20-30 seconds.

10. Remove the cotton ball - remove the cotton ball and gently massage the injected area for a couple of seconds to ensure that all the oil is dispersed deep into the muscle. And that's all.

1. The injection should be made into the muscle tissue only.
2. Always use a new needle.
3. Always use an unused cotton ball.