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How To Build Muscles Fast And Easy

Building muscles and having a firm muscular outlook is the reason why we always yearn to go to the gym. Our efforts driven-workout have always been the goals we want to achieve in the end but, have you ever tried to know the effective method to use to get quality results?

A good starting point for anyone yearning to have a muscular body is first to define the term 'muscle building'. The act of causing your muscle to grow through rigorous exercise and training is known as muscle hypertrophy. This is defined in simple terms as the adaptation the muscles experience from frequent exposure to continuous forms of resistance training, which in turn yield to an increase in muscle fiber size.

Remember, the effort is the sole driving force to muscle gain over time, and therefore with persistency and consistency, based on the style of training that you are doing then you can be sure to achieve the best results.

This explains the reason why you should have a proper plan and build a framework for your training and nutritional styles that goes in hand with your intended goals.

A point to take note of is that your muscle-building strategy need not be so rigid that it occupies your better part of the time. A good workout goes hand in hand with your diet.

This article will help you - whether you are a starter or someone who has hit some disappointing training plateaus - build muscle mass faster and easier using strategic as well as real methods. The following are 10 simple methods on how you can build your muscles faster


  1. Focus on muscle building

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The fact that you should know is that the more your body stores proteins via a process called protein synthesis, the bigger your muscles grow. This is not how to build muscles because such proteins stored in your muscles are reserved for other purposes. So consume a considerable amount of proteins that your body can maximize in a single day and split equally the rest of the calories that your body needs per day between Carbohydrates and fats.

  1. Eat more proteins

Your body needs as much protein as possible because workout exercise breakdown your muscle and so eating plenty of proteins helps build them back. This, therefore, makes it the most important muscle-building type of food that you should consider to solidify your muscle recovery.

In as much as your body needs proteins, it also requires more calories. So consume foods that are rich in calories for faster muscle building.

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  1. Increase your training volume

Biceps and triceps curls are darling, but to put more muscle, you need not do little. Challenge your body by doing more. Many people fail because they want them all at once. This can never happen. Good results are achieved gradually over time. Using multiple muscle groups favors during lifting weight. Other moves like squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups are essential and easy to do. All these are good stimulants for the growth of muscles at the same time.

  1. Take a drink before workout

A shake containing amino acids and proteins such as energy drinks is very essential in helping in the rapid growth of muscles during a workout. This is because such exercises help in raising the flow of blood to the working tissues and therefore drinking a carbohydrate-protein mixture may result in a greater uptake of the amino acids in muscles which are the building blocks of protein, and this helps in increasing the protein synthesis in the body.

  1. Always go easy

For maximum achievable results, your body should always be on the move. This, however, doesn't mean that you should allow your workout to drive you to exhaustion. Training the hardest daily is tantamount to causing harm to your body muscles. Try to go easy on your workout because good results are not achieved on a single day.

  1. Eat Carbohydrates after the workout

Your muscles rebuild faster and rapidly during your rest days. Discipline yourself to feed majorly on Carbohydrates because these food types increase your insulin levels which in turn speeds down the rate at which proteins are broken down.

  1. Take something after every 3 hours

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To avoid limiting the rate at which your body builds new proteins, you need to eat something often enough. Incorporate some calories every day. Also, ensure that you consume some proteins after every three hours to keep your muscle growth at a constant rate.

  1. Take a cup of dairy milk before bed

When you eat a combination of Carbohydrates and proteins half an hour before retiring to bed, the calories in the food are likely to remain in your body during sleep and thus reducing protein breakdown in your muscles. A cup of skim milk or cottage cheese helps boost the process and you can be assured of maximum results at the end.

  1. Focus on a calorie surplus

As mentioned earlier, calories are as important as proteins in muscle building. However, this can be a daunting task especially for those who have a program of counting calories with the hope of losing weight. So if you want to effectively build muscle mass rapidly, you will need to consume more calories rather than attempting to burn them. This is the logic behind it: the moment your body notices that it is a calorie deficit, - meaning little calories are being consumed each day - it will shift down your body's tendency to build new muscle. If your body senses that there is a food deficit then building extensive muscles will not be a priority.

  1. Get enough sleep

During sleep, your body is at rest meaning that few processes are taking place. The body at this state often releases human growth hormone whose main role is to help grow muscles and keep the levels of stress hormone cortisol on watch. This is the best time for your muscles to recover.

Gaining your desired muscle mass depends on your hardworking. Make sure you drink this protein powder shake before every workout. For skinny guys, weight gains powders are the perfect solution to your woes, since they are highly vested with over two thousand calories into one serving. But trust me you will not be getting the results you paid for. Instead, you should spread your calories throughout the day's workout and you will get your desired muscle mass.