Danabol Testosterone Cycle

Danabol Testosterone Cycle

      The Danabol testosterone cycle is a very powerful and effective steroid cycle, that is capable of giving you great and effective muscle gains.

      If you are a first-time user of this anabolic steroid cycle, we would recommend you to start off with 500MG of testosterone per week and 40MG of Danabol per day.

      Run Danabol for the first 6 weeks of your Danabol Testosterone cycle and testosterone can be run between 12 to 16 weeks depending on your goals and training experience.

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      Don't forget, if you want to see good results you need to eat and train correctly. And if you are not already eating and training correctly you are not ready for anabolic steroids! Just lift hard, often and heavy, and you will see results. If you will eat well and correctly, you will add 20lbs while reducing body fat by 3-4% and can give you a dramatic body composition.

      Try to lift more weight every session, but don't overdo it and hurt yourself, increase your weight every session by adding 5lbs to the bar on all the main lifts every time and you should be able to do this for at least the first 8 to 12 weeks and you'll see the effect. You will get stronger and will have big muscles.

      A lot of people forget to lift as hard as they can to improve their strength and muscle mass.

      When you get more experienced with these anabolic steroids, you can add in Deca. It has a strong anabolic effect which encourages muscle growth and strength, having no androgenic effects and estrogen emphasized. It's a great anabolic steroid and can add an extra 10-15lbs of muscle mass and it's great for preventing injury's.

There are a lot of ways you can use this. The one of them is:

1. Testosterone - 16 weeks.

2. Deca - 12 weeks.

3. Danabol - 8 weeks.

First anabolic steroid cycle:

1. Testosterone-E - 500mg per week - 12 to 16 weeks.

2. Danabol - 40mg per day - 6 weeks.

Second anabolic steroid cycle:

1. Testosterone-E - 500mg per week - 16 weeks.

2. Deca - 400mg per week - 12 weeks.

3. Danabol - 40mg per day - 8 weeks.

If you have other recommendation, you can feel free to suggest your own.

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